Any Ride Advice for Lake Como And The Italian Alps

I am just in the final throws of planning our trip this summer, down to literally the last hour. We head to France and Italy on the 19th for just over two weeks. The first week will be at the Cannes Advertising Festival, which is roughly disguised as work, but still allows me to get out and ride the  Corniche every morning to St Raphael. The second part of the trip we are driving over to Lake Como for 3 days and then up to Bormio in the mountains. The Stelvio (above) might be the last ride we do there, but it certainly won’t be the only one. No matter how much research I am doing I have that terrible feeling that I am missing something. So if anybody has been over there and found a climb or route (beyond the obvious and famous ones) post a comment and let me know. This will be epic.

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  1. Great plan!! enjoy it!
    I could recommend you to ride into southern roads in Tuscany, concretely roads nearly Florence.

  2. will be in the Pyrenees in August 3-4 weeks, when will you be here?

    ride Stilfzer Joch YES! but also when your there: Mortirolo and Gavia (from Ponte di Legno)

  3. Ponte di Legno – Passo di Gavia – Bormio – Mortirolo – Aprica – Ponte di Legno

    around 148km GAVIA is very very beautiful.

  4. near lago di Como: Chiavenna – (visit Solgio, what a VILLAGE!!!) in the Bergell valle, you will never ever forget this wonderful village.

    also you can visit Alberto Giacometti in Stampa, on the way to St. Moritz, before you have to climb the Maloja, then you arrive to St. Moritz, go to the Passo Albula, decent to Tiefencastel and ride up the historical Via Mala, arrive to Spuelgen and ride up the Spuelgenpass, great ride, decent Spuelgen to Chiavenna. around 202km, did it two times, ones riding the Albula another Julier Pass.

  5. Oh my, look at those zig-zags…

  6. A very nice and relative short loop is cycling up the Stelvio from Bormio. After that a short downhill back again in the direction of Bormio to the Umbrail Pass and down to Switzerland (short gravel section). From St. Maria in Switzerland to to Prato and up the classic side of the Stelvio and down to Bormio again. 95km and 3000+ meters elevation.

  7. 34×27…

  8. That 34 X 27 will be going on this weekend. And a spare pair of legs for the back pocket.

  9. I will in Tuscany for a week befire I arraive in Pozza di Frassa to spend 2 weeks riding all great rides in the Dolomites.

    I have a car to use, so I can make sure we fat aqll the rides.

    Suggest you browse this site whihc has most of the rides noted:-

  10. From Como following the shores of the lake towards Lecco you’ll find in order 3 magnificent hills.
    The first is Nesso to Colma di Sormano, quite long and demanding,
    the second is the Ghisallo, enough said,
    and the last is Onno to Valbrona, short (4km) and easy.

    Have fun :)

  11. Beautiful place!

    Italy most popular lake and also its deepest. Lake como is shaped like an inverted y giving it a long perimeter. The lake is surrounded by beautiful villas and resort villages as well as hiking paths and it’s popular for boat trips and water activities.


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