From The Saddle: The Corniche

We are coming to the end of our first week down here in the South of France. The late nights and socializing at the Cannes festival hasn’t been making it too hard to get in the 8am starts. The ride from Cannes towards St Raphael, along the Corniche, is stunning. Once you break beyond the suburbs of Cannes the traffic frequency drops and the road hugs the coast all the way into Frejus. One side enclosed by scorched red rock, and the other by the Cote D’Azur. This is the locals ride and every day I have joined various clubs from Nice to Mougins. This morning I rode a for a while with Henri from my old club VC La Pomme. He spoke no english, so we just admired the views and half-wheeled each other until he pulled off. Italy on Saturday, and the high Alps.

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  1. How’s the Storck treating’ ya? Not holding you back, right? =)

  2. when I read the title I thought your in the Pyreenes, doing the Route de Corniches….. ;)

    best and good luck…

  3. Looks like everything is going ok! :)


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