I see this in my future

This is one fine looking ride. There are a few parts on here that I might swap out, but that SL3 frame looks fast standing still. Completely turned my head.

Photos and bike by Mario Hartman

Categories: Kit / Rides

  1. What happened to the Storck?

  2. Is matte black soon to be the new white? Or was pink the new white?

    The rear der. is an interesting standout.

  3. oh I think matte black is already the new white, which was the new pink….but Sky Blue will be the new black

  4. Can’t get it in my size. Very hard frame to get

  5. hate to say this, but good luck finding a BB30 SL3 – i ordered one in february and was told in may that it might arrive in August. wound up switching to a team geometry frame with a regular BB rather than waiting. hopefully you’ll have better luck w/ your frame size….

  6. You are reading the tea leaves. Already started looking at the Geo and found one in my size, to find out that the down tube was cracked before I picked it up from the shop. They are speaking with Specialized now to see if they can get a replacement Geo in my size.

  7. come on, you have better taste ;)

  8. I don’t usually like speciliazed, but this bike looks incredible.

    Which sadlle is that?

  9. Really not sure what that saddle is, it is not something I have ever seen before. I had the same opinion about Specialized, they seemed to make really nice rides, but were never anything that I had considered. But this build really turned my head and when I had one in my hands in the shop, it is pretty impressive.

  10. errrrr frankly that is making me want to touch it in a very bad way. HOT HOT HOT

  11. Looks like a Tune SpeedNeedle saddle. Doesn’t look comfortable at all!

  12. Cannondale cranks on a specialized….
    Come to the dark side my son and join
    the best of us on a real Cannondale!

    SuperSix HiMod all the way!


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