New Elcyclista Kit Is In

After what seemed like an eternity (but probably really wasn’t), the new Elcyclista kit from Capo Forma is in our sweaty mitts. Scuppered by Volcanoes and missed fabric delivery, the wait has been well worth it. The quality of the Capo product is pretty amazing. It is beautifully finished, and they really paid attention to the details. All the ink is crisp, and the panels are all aligned beautifully. I took the shorts for a test ride this morning and they a seriously comfortable. For those of you that ordered and paid in advance, thank you, thank you, thank you for hanging in there and being so patient. We will be sending your kit out tomorrow. For those of you that ordered, but haven’t paid you better hurry up because there is now a long list of people waiting for spares. Since we are now set up with the manufacturer in Italy we have been told if we place another order by the end of July we will have the kit by September. Which is somewhat quicker than this time around. So if anyone out there is interested we are starting to take numbers to build up that order (drop us an email at We did hats as well this time which we will get next week. For the September delivery order as well as repeats of the jersey, bibs, and arm warmers, we will be adding a Wind Vest and Thermal Jacket.

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  1. can’t wait!

  2. dear random unknown person that may have ordered size small and hasn’t paid,

    please be lazy and forget to pay… i’m a spare-poacher.

    your pal,


  3. hey conor, don’t forget about your followers from down under. we are hanging to get into the new kit. viva le tour!!!! go the aussies

  4. Hi,

    Call me stupid, but where do I purchase this kit from? Can’t seem to find purchase link.

  5. Hey Mike – I can help you out. What are you interested in kit and sizes?


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