Rider “Stunt” doubles for the Tour? What next?

Well I wouldn’t mess with him in a sprint either. First mechanical doping, and now stunt doubles for “dangerous” stages – what is our sport coming to. If the rumors are true, Liquigas have signed Christian Bale to act as a stunt double for Roman Kreuziger on the early cobbled stages of the Tour. After Liquigas experienced the “classic-like” stages in the Giro they decided to recruit a couple of look-alikes to ride the early stages in case of a repeat of all of the crashes. When Bale was asked about this new role he said “I plan on staying at the front, if Armstrong wants to try and come past, I will not be responsible for the consequences”. The team continues to search for a double for Basso. Hollywood casting director Sylvia Fellico said “It is a hard one to find, we can’t figure out if he is smiling or grimacing”

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