This Should Be Flagged As Inappropriate

Found this great piece of helmet Cam footage over at La Gazzetta Della Bici. Shot on the last 450 meters of the Plan De Corones time trial following Michael Barry you get a real sense of what it must have been like for him to ride up through the Tifosi, without the lung busting pain of coarse. The last kilometer has to be one of the steepest ridden in any race, and took on average about 5 mins to ascend. As I was watching it on Youtube I couldn’t help looking at the “Flag as inappropriate” button, and thinking damn right, how inappropriate is it to make a rider time trial up this. Accompanied by Paolo Conte’s “Bartali” – a song dedicated to Italian cycling legend Gino Bartali. A great piece of footage.

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  1. That looks like pure agony…

    What is it with us cyclist that whenever we see a steep hill our first thought is, “I wonder what its like to climb that?”

  2. It does look a little scary, but what are you going to do? You have to go up right?

  3. for something similar in New England, one could try the road race stage finish of the Green Mountain Stage Race in Vermont. the stage finishes stop Appalachian Gap, and the last kilometer is around 17% sustained. brutal.

    Lincoln Gap, nearby, boasts the steepest paved mile in North America, apparently. 20-24% for a 1.1 miles straight. it’s crazy.


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