You Never Know Who You Will Bump Into

It must be hard being a Pro. The Tour is looming, and that bloody Tourmalet is in it twice. I know, you say to yourself,¬† I am going to get out there and do a few sneaky hill repeats on it, that will get the head right. Well what do you know, you arrive at the little cafe at the top for a quiet hot chocolate and there is a bloody circus going on. Not one, but two Schleck brothers!, team cars (with bikes) and two bloody film crews. Scuppered. This is one conversation I would loved to over heard” (Photo of Contador and the Schlecks who bumped into each other at the top of the Tourmalet when out training this weekend)

AS: “Hey Berty!”
AC: “Andy? Frank? what the….”
AS: “Is that a compact you have on there Berty?!”
AC: “No, no this is my brothers bike, it has one of those litle motors in the seat tube….”
AS: “Berty you know that is illegal?”
AC: “How come you guys got silver frames and I got stuck with this horrible blue and yellow?”
AS: “We live close to Switzerland Berty, where they know how to design”

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  1. So psyched… I will watch the TDF from both sides of the Tourmalet. Location, location, location… We ‘Jemison Cycling Tours’ will be staying in Luz St. Sauveur, where you can nearly see the top of this mystic climb. I remember when I rode the Tour the sprinters drove us through this town in the big ring then pulled over. No words can describe what its like to stay in the game on this ascent.

    Its going to be an awesome show in July…fasten your seatbelts

    Former Pro 1994-2000
    2x TDF Finisher & 1999 US Profesional Champion

    marty jemison
  2. We were in Luz last year, beautiful. It is going to be an amazing couple of days. Unfortunately I am there earlier in June/July so my location will be the sofa with a Panaché in hand.


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