Is This The Sadest Image Of The Year?

Cadel post stage explaining to his team how he feels he let his team down. Could that not be so far from the truth? He rides what looked like one of the toughest and most aggressive stages in recent Tour history with a broken arm. The fact he even got on the bike this morning at all is an amazing achievement, and he still finished the stage. A rider who wears his emotions on his sleeve, I can’t help but admire his courage and dedication to his team. He knew he was not going to compete at 100%, but there was no way he was going to deny BMC their day in yellow. I loved this rider before, but now, the guy is an idol.

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  1. Heartbreaking.

  2. I just about lost it when I saw him cross the line and just completely lose it with his teammate. The fact that his teammate was there for him so completely while all the cameras swarmed in proved what kind of a class act he is with his guys.

    That was a real heart wrencher.

  3. Well said.

    He really threw himself into it. Great effort.


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