Rolling Orange Bike Shop

For the longest time I have been walking past this great empty shop front space on Baltic Street and Court Street, and thinking it would be a great place for a gallery. Well someone went one step better, and turned it into a very special bike shop. The new Rolling Orange shop specializes in old school Dutch “Work Bikes” or “Bakfiets“. Newly built and updated from the old designs to meet the needs of modern transportation by bike, they get behind the brand tag of “Slower Is Better“. They stock the De Fiestsfabriek, Dutch ID and Batavus brands, all variations on the theme of the old work bike design, with updated components. They are also carrying a great selection of very stylish accessories that any about-town rider would be happy to wear. Check out the Little Nutty polka dot helmet. The original design of the work bike dates to pre-war years when biking with cargo (kids, groceries, milk churns…) was the preferred and most efficient mode of transport, and mostly the only way to travel in rural Holland. After the war and the introduction of mechanized transport the Bakfiet started to fade away from daily life, but brands like De Fiestsfabriek have successfully updated them and re-introduced them to the modern eco-friendly rider.

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