Schleck, Berty And The Rapha Cycle Club

Looks like Alberto Contador has met his match? That last 4KM of todays blitz (19 mph average for the day, gulp) up the Tourmalet was pretty amazing to watch. The look that Schleck shot Berty after he attacked….I think if Andy would have had that confidence coming into the Tour, we may have had a different race. He now knows he is more than capable of matching Berty on the big climbs. There are going to be some great races ahead. I watched it at the Rapha Cycle Club NYC this morning with a great crew and a great atmosphere. Being surrounded by such great product made it damn hard to not buy anything during all of the Versus commercial breaks….I see what they are up to. It is a real shame that the club will only be open until after the Vuelta. There is nothing else like it in the city and from what I saw this morning the local scene is behind it. Lets start a partition!

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  1. Saw you there. It was a great morning of cycling. Wishing we had something like Rapha Cycle Club in Miami for any length of time.

  2. How fun. What a great way to watch racing. Did you see us through the fog on the Tourmalet? I know you’ve been there before, but my 1st time was truly a religious experience.

  3. I did! As if that climb isn’t brutal enough. Although when we were up it we had the same weather and in some ways it was good that I couldn’t see what was in front of me.


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