The Rapha Lightweight Jersey

It is a rare occasion that I will go out and ride and not be in my Elcyclista jersey, but stashed in the middle of my “pile o’jerseys” I keep the Rapha Lightweight jersey I bought last year. This jersey is made for the current conditions we are having in New York. A heat index of 103, really! Now looking a slightly off-white it is one of the most comfortable jerseys I own. Putting it on again I rediscovered the details that make Rapha products that little bit special. The built in pump sleeve in the back pocket and the middle zip pocket (with the ring pull, making it easier to use). It makes me smile when something is designed just right. They are back in stock. Go buy one, you won’t regret the little bit extra you will pay.

Categories: Design / Kit

  1. I had the white one for a couple of years and i LOVED it. Then one day i washed it, not realising a cheap rogue red sock made its way into ther machine, resukting in a nasty dirty pink jersey. So I was super happy to pick a black lightweight jersey up in xs at the sample sale on thursday!
    viva lightweight.

  2. I have a feeling that mine has suffered from too many washes with rogue kit as well. I think if I wore a black on here right now I might spontaneously combust.

  3. Even cheapskate Mrs. Elcyclista is sold on this one. I have the ladies’ version in red, and the first time I wore it I was amazed at how I could actually feel the wicking and airflow. Great product.

  4. Nina, correct me if I am wrong ;) my wife has also the red one, but it is the “country” jersey. no lightweight jersey for woman out there…


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