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You have a weekend all to yourself in San Francisco, you have your bike with you, and over the Golden Gate Bridge is some of the best riding you will do in the US. What could be wrong with that, right? Well half way through that first ride my BB completely shredded, and felt like someone had tossed a handful of gravel in there. Luckily this happened at the top of a descent that had one of my favorite bike shops around at the bottom, Above Category in Mill Valley. These are guys that immediately understand the pain of not being able to get out and ride in the three days of summer that San Francisco has had this year, and within 30 minutes I was ready to be back out on the road (Although I did spend another 30 minutes drooling at bikes and parts).

Chris one of the slickest and nicest wrenches around (in the shot above) had my old BB out, a brand new gold Chris King BB in, and a Dura Ace crank back on in the time it took me to do a lap of the shop. That my friends is service of the premium kind. The shop is sporting a line-up of the new Team Sky painted 2011 Pinarello Princes, with the Super Record 11 builds. These are amazing looking bikes in the flesh. They also had Chad’s Moots RSL built up with Lightweight Wheels, which was ridiculously light. That is one beautiful frame. Other highlights on the parts front were those beautiful custom powder coated 3T stems above, a really nice way to finish out a build from the shop. I picked up a couple of nice tools that I will post on later when I get them out of the bike box.

If you are ever riding in Marin you really need to go by this shop. A great space, a great line up of bikes, one of the coolest shop kits out there and some of the nicest people and service you will find. Go check them out. Thanks for getting me back out there so quick guys.

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  1. Think I may have passed you the other side of Sausalito if you were riding last Saturday (or someone else sporting some of your kit). I was on my way back into the city on a chilly Paradise Loop.

  2. Look at you, blogging from up in the wild blue yonder! Ah technology…

  3. That was probably me, I was out that way. Gorgeous ride. I am just pulling together a photo feature on the three days I was out there.

  4. Sorry, but some of us readers are not as cycle-literate as you are: what’s “BB,” stand for, please?



  5. BB – is the Bottom Bracket, it contains the spindle and the bearings that attach your left and right cranks

  6. @ cbrady



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