His Wheel Is Bigger Than Mine.

Is that thing even legal (well not with todays rules)? That is a ridiculously large wheel, and somewhat seems to defeat the purpose of trying to beat the hour record. Sure you might as well just stuff a motor down that extra long seat tube. Hell why even stop at the 4ft diameter, you can get that thing up to 6ft, and your back isn’t even straight. Dave Zabriskie (“the most aerodynamic man in cycling” according to Phil Liggett) could sort that out.

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  1. Having a big disc is hardly the same as having a motor. If he still did it under his own power, it’s a feat of engineering and fitness.

    If anything, liken it to the bullet shaped recumbents doing 70+ in the middle of the desert. Hardly euro, but you it’s difficult to argue with unassisted speed.

    Just the Messenger

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