Stephan And His Brother On The Col D’Agnes

Just got sent these two lovely shots from our friend Stephan Rohner and his brother currently their on a road trip through the Pyrenees riding the climbs. These are from today’s “Sunday morning ride” up the Col D’Agnes. (10 km at 8.2%). It looks like they got a nice foggy day, but knowing Stephan that would have made him want to ride it even more! Jealous.

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  1. Ciao Stefan!
    @ C/ I’m Jealous too :)


  2. How do you get that effect with your photos?

    Its like algae!

    Love it;-)

  3. Those are shot (these particular ones by Stephan himself) with the Hipstomatic iphone App. It has a selection of digital effects (films) and lens.

  4. hey Conor ;) thanks.

    Angelo, come with us ;)

    today we moved to Bagneres de Luchon, after three wonderful routes around Ax les Thermes. what most impression left on me was, the Pailheres (did it the second time). Route De Corniches amazing ride, very very narrow road from Tarascon to Ax les Thermes, no traffic!

    Dave, Conor explained it, but still, the fog was there, crazy, cold, very very humed day. Col de Agnes covered in fog.


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