Vincenzo Torriani’s Colnago

Vincenzo Torriani was best known as one of the original “Giro Bosses” or organizers of the Grand Tour. He held the role for 46 years, from 1946 to 1992. This bike was a special edition given to him by Ernesto Colnago in the 1980s as a gift, recognizing his contribution to the great race and Italian cycling in general. Also in his honor they named the “Trofeo Vincenzo Torriani” after him, awarded to the rider who took the Cima Coppi ascent. He was also the man responsible for introducing the Cipressa to the Milan – San Remo, under the direction that the race needed to be made harder in the final stages. Something riders like Cav will curse him for today. I saw this bike in the museum at the top of the Ghisallo, and of all the bikes on display that day this one really stood out. The pictures do not do the finish justice, the bike literally glows in the light, even indoors. But as with Colnagos of that era, it was the attention to detail that makes it special: the painted inlay branding and the Italian national colors painted into the seat post inlays. Bike design today has got me so used to fat and shaped tubes and high profile rims, that a bike like this looks almost naked now.

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  1. That post n saddle are oh-so-sweet. Somebody needs to start up a pantographing shop quick-like! sickness


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