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I really admire people who get off their ass and turn their passion into a business, striving to deliver something of quality back to what they love. We have posted on the guys over at Ritte Racing a few times, those guys are obviously that, and also on the guys at Franco Bikes, and now on Lindsey Dakota at Alpaix. Something is in the water in Southern California, because there seems to be a small group of frame brands emerging for the racer who may not be able to afford the big marquee names, but still wants a quality, light and nicely designed race frame. You need to shell out so much $$$ these days to stay in the game, wheels, tires, fees, travel, coffee, new white bar tape….what are we all doing! This is a brand for that racer. The frame follows the popular inclusion of a BB30 and an integrated seat post (which still makes me cringe at the thought of taking a saw to a frame). With both these features the frame sits at sub 1000g, so it would be considered light to most of us mortals. You also get a set of 350g forks, along with the headset and a carbon water cage, all for $2295. That is bloody good value for a race frame, with this quality of finish. In addition to each frame set, the purchase price also includes one bag of Wooden Bike Coffee, with proceeds going to Project Rwanda. Their latest addition to the line is a new new series of country paint jobs for Italia, Holland and France. Drop Lindsey an email at if you need more info, or check out their blog to find out more about them.

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  1. I like the frame design very much, but c´mon it has never been easier to start up a “bicycle company” with a custom made design. Convince me, but I don´t believe that they are baking the frames in their garage-oven.

    Just random call a frame-company in Taiwan – their desks are full of unpublished designs. Just tell ´em how much you want to spend on the frame and they pull out a sketch. You can already start with a 10 frames minimum order. Easy to find I think. But again – I like the design and maybe….I get enough money to buy one. Regards from the german seaside!

  2. Its true, this is a lovely frame, nice paint scheme etc, but I have this exact same frame in gloss white that cost 1/5 this price. Yes I got it direct, but $2295 is pretty expensive IMHO. But again, looks really nice! :)

  3. I think with a lot of these frames you are paying for the aesthetic, like you say Lindsey has done a really nice job with the design. Much better than a lot of the bigger brands. We all know that a lot of these frames are made in Asia, I personally have no problem with that. You get the best you can for what you can afford. I would pay extra for the trouble of someone getting it here, doing a beautiful design job on it, preparing and painting it. If this is how they get their brand of the ground and maybe at some point move on to a fully designed, built and made US frame, then good luck to them.

  4. Thank you for the kind words gentleman. In response to these frames being produced in Taiwan and being available readily and by anyone simply isn’t true. It is important to know that all of the big manufacturers whether ” made in Italy, England, America, etc” (which, btw, is achieved buy assembling a percentage of a finished bike in their respective countries) is a stretch of the truth. Only a handful of Asian producers supply almost all of the worlds’ Carbon products. One simply cannot compete unless enormous amounts of money are invested in domestic production which only a few like Trek, Look, Time, etc. do. New bike companies such as ours have to go to these manufacturers. While you Jeff may have a frame very similar to ours we actually are in close contact with our factory and have a huge influence in the outcome of our finished product. In fact were proud of the fact our DNA is shared by current Pro Tour team frames. As well, being a designer and artist I feel I can imbue a lot better creative influence into our product than some corporate “design team”. With the passion and dedication myself and others such as my friend Spencer at Ritte have for our products and cycling you can be sure you’ll get excellent service and products which will serve you well for many years. Check out our blog and you’ll see you get a lot for your money as well as other pricing options.

    L. Dakota
  5. I just wanted to clarify that our ALPAIX 2067m is 1295.00 and it comes with two (2) water bottle cages. The Equipe and Country versions are 1395.00
    An EVEN better price than posted!

    L. Dakota

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