Interbike 2010 Highlights

Product highlights from Interbike here »

I just got back from a world wind two days at Interbike in Vegas, my first trip to the event. It is quite the spectacle, and still hard to fathom that this wasn’t the whole industry exhibiting in that “hanger”. I get why some of the smaller European brands can’t afford the expense to ship to Vegas, why would they when they have Eurobike, but brands like Cervelo, Trek, Felt and Cannondale not there? A lot of the highlights turned out not to be the products, but instead was the people I met. The problem is now that we are all so well connected, with Eurobike appearing long before you hit the floor in Vegas, you have already seen most of the new products online and you loose that “Whoa” factor of seeing something for the first time. But some products still made a pretty big impression. Apparently the organizers are addressing timing next year by moving the Interbike time frame up, and to Anaheim. Small problem, most of the manufacturers will need to move their product development and pricing timing up 2 months – good luck with that. As for the retailers, that stock on your floor just got a little less interesting by 2 months. I also don’t understand why they don’t have a public day, lets face it, it is people like me you want to get excited about the products right?

Things that stood out:

1. Sitting with Mark from ifixbykx having a beer and seeing Eddy Merckx walk by, and wondering, this is Vegas, he could be a “look-a-like” hired for the event.
2. Everyone getting excited to get in line for Jens Voight – who beat Pettachi’s line hands down x3.
3. Meeting Jens Voight.
4. Literally walking into Marcus Storck, who wasn’t exhibiting, but was walking the floor with a frame over his shoulder. The new pop-up stand.
5. The Specialized Prevail helmet – it is like it isn’t on your head. Super light and super comfortable.
6. The Ritte Bosberg in the flesh, in white. Gorgeous.
7. Meeting the designer from Milani bikes and talking color design for 30 minutes.
8. Cross Vegas, there should be more of these events. That was a lot of fun to watch.
9. The Taiwan and China “Pavillions” and seeing where all of the expensive parts we buy come from, without the brands we pay a lot of money for attached.
10. The Pashley Bikes stand, beautifully simple design

The use of color overall was refreshing. Unfortunately it was still with a lot of the smaller brands, commuter and street brands, and the BMX “pavilion”. They were all pretty bold in how they used color both on product and on their displays. The winner has to be the POC stand and their products, that literally made you stop in your tracks they were so vivid. The high-end road brands are still sticking to white, black and raw carbon, with a few exceptions for accent colors. The paint schemes on the new Colnago C59 range was stunning in the flesh, and the new Fiz’ik shoe despite having seen it in pictures before the show still got a big reaction when you felt it in your hand. The yellow Contador SL3 was like a beacon in the middle of the whole show that we all used as a way-point to orient ourselves every time we got lost.

I pulled an edit of my favorite stuff from the two days and put it in a gallery here »

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