Interbike Here I Come

I am off to Interbike tomorrow, and as a trade show virgin, saying I am excited would be an understatement indeed. I have been following the output from Eurobike pretty closely, but have held off on any commenting as I know I am going to see a lot of this stuff in the flesh. So below is my 10 pre-show things I am looking forward to seeing most. Lets see if they are the same when I emerge at the other side on Friday. I will be posting from there, and photographing the lot. You know me, there will be a LOT of images. If any off you reading this are attending drop me an email ( and lets meet for a drink or three. It would be rude not to, it is the end of the season after all.

1. Ritte Racing’s Boseberg, in the flesh
All things Moots
The Colnago C59, looks nice in the pictures
The Specialized 2011 SL3
Mavic all things Mavic. Love mavic…
The new Reynolds wheels
The CX race
Milani Cycles
The AX Lightness frame, is it ridable?
The Van Nicholas’s Astraeus

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  1. How many frames can fit into one carry-on size wheelie bag? Taking bets–anyone?

  2. Please test ride the Bosberg for me! And Franco, if they’re exhibiting too…

  3. have a good time!

  4. pics of:

    - Look 695 frame and cranks
    - Colnago M10
    - Specialized Prevail helmet
    - Parlee
    - Crumpton
    - New Ultimate

  5. Yup. Wanna see the Ritte Bosberg and the Franco Balcom in person. If they’re the real deal, I may have to pull the trigger. If they’re Scattantes in Sheep’s Clothing (not that there’s anything wrong with … ) I’m heading over to check out the Wilier Gran Turismo. I’ll be rockin’ an Elcyclista (or vintage De Rosa) cap on Thursday, so grab me for a drink!


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