Two Great Rides

Ride 1: Now I am not going to go on about the second coming of the Roche family, or the next generation of great Irish riders (although I could because between Nicolas and Dan Martin this year may have been our best year since the glory days). I just want to draw attention to a lung busting brilliant ride yesterday from St Nick in the Vuelta. On the road to Peña Cabarga he climbed with the best, and at one point was even dragging the likes of Frank Schleck up the climb. The photo above says it all. He gave everything to move to 5th overall and maybe even put himself in a position for a shot at the podium. He knows how to ride against the clock (at the Tour he was only 28 seconds of Andy Schleck), a rider who just gets better with every race, with every year. Good luck this week Nicolas!

Ride 2: It may be at the opposite end of the bunch, and a completely different quality of race, but it is no less of a great ride. Jonny Bellis started his comeback yesterday at the Tour Of Britain. He managed to hang for 54 miles before having to call it. Pretty impressive considering he was in a coma less than a year ago. You know this is one rider who will be back at the front next season.

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  1. Jonny Bellis is an amazing story. Sad part is……. for us, is he’d still kick our butts.

    L. Dakota
  2. Guess we’ll have some Vuelta-watching catch-up to do when you get home! (Or have you found somewhere to watch it online?) Your DVR awaits. :D


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