Made In Britain: The Mercian Revival

Great craftsmanship always endures. My first impressions of a Mercian frame was my fathers 1966 bronze Vincitore, that he toured Ireland on. To this day Mercian still turn out quality hand built steel frames from their workshop in Alvaston, Derby, with stunning paint jobs. For those that can’t get themselves to Derby Mercian have introduced a frame builder online that allows you to spec your tubing, geometry, and paint job, and send it along for order. The frames are truly hand made, with a single frame builder working on the same frame from start to finish. They currently produce around 300 to 400 frames a year, a different time from when they produced thousands in the 70s and sponsored some of the best riders in the world. Now they make frames for everyone from the fixed gear scene to touring bikes that will last a lifetime. A new Vincitore, built with 853 Pro Team steel tubing, and custom paint will cost you about $1800. That would be a bike for life. The beautiful frame below taken from one of their 1970s catalogues illustrates the “barber shop” design on the seat tube, that became one of the Mercian signatures.

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