Mavic Zxellium in Yellow: Product Dilemma

Dilemma, Dilemma. I currently own a pair of Mavic Zxellium’s in white, and love them. Very comfortable shoes for narrow footed riders, and nice and light. The material is very breathable, which makes them great for NYC summers. On the flip side not so great for NYC winters, even with wool socks and neoprene covers. Now the dilemma, it might be time for me to get a new pair, and I was literally about to press the purchase button over at Competitive Cyclist and ding! (light bulb sound) – what about the yellow ones? With a cursory crawl around my favorite cycling sites it appears that they are pretty popular, with really good riders, like pros and top cross riders. And that is my dilemma, do I have the legs to carry off wearing a pair of yellow shoes, as they will without doubt draw peoples gaze downwards.

So my fellow gear heads, here is were I need your help. The yellow shoes, yes or no? Comments in the post please (I reserve the right to ignore all advise and buy them anyway out of pure stupidity).

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  1. They’ll never look good with the EC kit. If you can stomach that, go for it!

  2. Dean is right. white ones, Sidi.

  3. I say do it! White Sidis sound sweet, but yellow adds a new dynamic and will give you some confidence! :)

  4. For my taste that yellow is a bit too much.
    White or black are the colors I like.
    But that’s me :)

  5. Stomach it – Yellow is the way to go.

  6. Hell yes! Yellow either fits in with your kit/bike, or it stands out and looks separate. Either way it’s totally pro.

  7. I say go for Yellow. If you’re going to do it, you may as well do it properly!

  8. don’t do it! how about a nice pair of kicks from the BG Fit collection? all the cool kids are wearing these. or even a pair of lake or northwave winter shoes for the harsh nyc winters.

  9. No, no, no!

    Mind you, if you can find some check dungarees, a curly wig and red nose they might not look so bad!


  10. Wow, didn’t think everybody would agree with me! I give yellow the thumbs-down too. Even if they ARE on sale…

  11. The yellow screams “Look! I’m wearing Mavic shoes” Which is probably what one would want if said shoes were provided by a sponsor. Otherwise they just scream “I’m wearing yellow shoes!” I couldn’t pull it off. I stick with silver/grey or white (favorite). Then again this is coming from someone who once had some Poggios that were the same exact metallic red as my bike at the time.

  12. stick with what works best with Elcyclista kit. Wearing yellow, to me, should be reserved for TdF winners. Its kinda like wearing Pro kit when your not on the team.

    L. Dakota
  13. I´d go for a pair of black ones. Yellow (and even white) is much too bling bling. Black shows a sense for understatement. And you don´t need to show off as long as your legs and your bike do. I have a pair of expensive black sidis and I am fine with that.

  14. Nope, nothing yellow, ever. Unless you’ve won IT.

    My coach back in the early 80′s made me change a training jersey once because it was yellow. Made me understand the meaning of the Respect thing.

  15. DO IT.
    dont listen to the naysayers… those shoes scream EURO.
    I love the mtb ones the rapha cross team wear, so dont match their kit but look truly fab!

    Gem Atkinson
  16. Gem you bring the biggest insight yet to the argument. I am indeed Euro and need every opportunity to express it.

  17. I love the mtb version of this shoe. Go for the yellow! Anything worth having is worth having in yellow!

  18. Here’s the thing, from my point of view: it doesn’t matter what color shoes you get.

    If you are so worried about carrying them off that you have to ask the internet what they think, then you can’t carry them off. If you see some shoes that blow you away and you throw your card down and start rocking them, then you probably can carry them off. So, which is it?

    Val Garou
  19. Go with white. You can appreciate the lines and curves with the yellow cololr. White allows the contrast and design of the shoe to stick out more. Plus the color will match most kits and color combos.

    Ben N.
  20. do it, believe in the powers of all things EURO :-)

    send pics when you grab em!

    Gem Atkinson
  21. Go for it. I’ve had my eye on these also.

  22. Gem, what is this EURO al the time? dont get it…

    year ago Northwave had very nice yellow ones…

    warm yellow, NOT screaming yellow ;)

  23. Even on pros, who are paid to wear them, these look lame. On a recreational cyclist . . . well, let’s put it this way, it will give you something to regret.

  24. I tend to believe that there is only ONE rider in the world at any given time who is entitled to wear yellow kit of any kind, including shoes.

  25. Yellow isthe the new white. Go for it!


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