New Addition To The Elcyclista Kit

Due in this week, we add a new addition to the Elcyclista kit. Already looking forward to the Spring, we are adding a lightweight wind vest to the collection. We kept the look within the same design system as the rest of the kit, so it all fits together perfectly. We went with a mostly black design to make dealing with wheel splatter a little easier to keep clean. We expect delivery this week and I think they will go pretty quickly, so if you are interested make sure to drop us an email at with sizing details. We will post photos of the actual vest when we have it in our hands, technical details and the price.

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  1. stick me down for one in xs for sure… love love love my armwarmers and the gilet design looks fab conor!


    Gem Atkinson
  2. That’s a nice piece of kit. I want.

  3. good, but the chains are too much for the nice and simple ELcyclista design.

  4. Really Stefan?

    I like the chains. Agreed, the kit is beautiful in its simplicity. The chains are on the side panel and I doubt that they will get as much focus in real life as you see in the rendering.

    To avoid confusion…I am not the same Derek that posted above.

    Derek Blagg
  5. I saw a sample before I committed – I wasn’t sure initially, but they actually turned out pretty low key. They are going to link back to a style I am creating for a series of Elcyclista Journals, more to come on that, but it will all make sense when you see it together.

  6. I like the chain links! They add a bit of whimsy that I think keeps the Elcyclista brand from seeming *too* serious (like some other black-and-pink high-end cycling brand I can think of sometimes comes off…;)

  7. I agree, I like the links. The whole kit would run the risk of being a bit ‘samey’ (a technical term I’m sure!) otherwise. It creates a bit of interest and seeing as you probably won’t wear it all the time on the bike, is a good thing. Kind of similar to a flamboyant lining on a classic suit jacket! :)

    Adam H
  8. It’s my version of Yves Saint Laurent for bikes


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