I have just been following all the threads on the new Garmin-Cervelo kit. Or should we say Cervelo-Garmin kit? On a personal note I have never been a huge fan of the Argyle pattern, ever since my grandmother bought me Argyle socks every Christmas for 10 years, kind of put me off. But it did cut a very distinctive kit design, and you never had any problem picking out the riders, which the sponsors must have loved. Now with Sky (if they keep the same design next season) being basically black, with blue highlights, and Garmin-Cervelo being pretty close, I start to feel real bad for Phil, Paul and Gogo. They will never be able to figure out who is up the road, especially if they are all on black bikes.

Also, the adopted device seems to be the dash “-” for “Garmin-Cervelo” name,  but with this kit it could be “Garmin=Cervelo”, or for the classics “Garmin+Cervelo”, then for the Tour “Garmin>Cervelo” and because none of the contenders want to do the Giro this year “Garmin?Cervelo”…

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  1. In a world with no other kits, I like this kit. Nothing flashy, but solid looking. However, I absolutely agree that it looks too close to Sky. And I miss the orange.

  2. well, i don’t think there’ll be any confusion…… one team will be at the front of the peloton and one will be at the back!
    …….besides Phil will be too busy looking for Lance.

    L. Dakota

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