9W Magazine

I just got the second issue of 9W magazine in the post from editor Harry Zernike. Very nice to see this issue, as Harry was nice enough to ask us to contribute a piece for it on my ride up the Stelvio this summer. As with the last issue the magazine is beautifully produced. In fact so much so, I think calling it a magazine is doing it a dis-service. It is a product any cycling household should be proud to have on their coffee table. The quality of the content matches the quality of the product, and there is a great piece on the Floyd Bennett races here in Brooklyn. If you are interested in buying a copy you can order it direct here. Get them while they last, these are becoming very collectible.

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  1. I just purchased my second issue as well. I love it…… Conor, when are you going to produce a magazine? The quality of your art direction, et al is exceptional.
    I’m waiting.

    L. Dakota

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