Chris The Unbeatable Beaten

Look at the picture above, then look again. The rider on the right is Sir Chris Hoy of Scotland, undoubtedly one of the best track riders ever to grace the boards, and a four times Olympic Sprint Champion. On the right is Felix English of Ireland (the irony of that name), not even a sprinter by trade who usually wins KOM prizes. The picture above is Felix English eliminating Chris Hoy from the European championships in Poland. How can that be (look at the thigh size alone)? It is truly a lesson in racing to the line. Hoy eased up to save energy and not humiliate his younger rival. Felix had nothing to loose, and gave it full gas to the line. The result? Probably the biggest scalp of his career. You have to love a surprise like this. Come on Sir Chris get your ass out on the road and shock a few spindly little climbers. You don’t have to get over the climbs, you will scare them just standing next to them on the start line.

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  1. Chris Hoy is British & Scottish, not English. Also, to expand on your irony, Felix English of Ireland…English/British born and & raised who “declared” for Ireland.

  2. I will probably be the first of 1,567 pedants to point out that Sir Chris isn’t English. He may even flex his thighs in your direction if you insinuate this again. Just sayin’.

  3. Corrected before Sir Chris noticed. I would hate to have him come knocking.

  4. Yeah you have to love a Scot being beaten by an English man called English who says he is from Ireland.

  5. at any rate the mighty Scottish, English, Great British oak has been chopped by the wee English / Irish, Englishmans sharply tuned ax. (more confusing than the royal familys’ last name)

    L. Dakota
  6. i wonder who had/ has the biggest thighs?…… Eric Heiden, Nelson Vails or Hoy?

    L. Dakota

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