Lets Go To The Beach (Vamos a la Playa)

You would think there would be a closer, more convenient beach to Stuttgart, than Barcelona. This sounds like a pretty amazing story, 11 days and 1500km on fixed gears. The route squeezed them around the end of the Pyrenees at Perpignan, so no major Cols, but it was hardly flat with gradients reaching 16%. There is also a lot of mentions of “damaged knees“, which wouldn’t surprise anyone who has tried to grind their way up 16% gradients on a fixed wheel. I am not sure what is worse, grinding up the slopes, or skidding your way down them without brakes, so much so that your tires are blowing whilst avoiding oncoming traffic (check out time code 1:58 on the teaser above, a nice way to avoid a head-on). I am really looking forward to finding out more about their journey when the full DVD is launched. Watch out for the launch details here.

Note: Kit was supplied by the guys at Pistard. Looking pretty sharp.

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