Stealth Mode From Specialized

The new 2011 SL3 “Project Black”. This just looks fast.

Categories: Design / Rides

  1. It looks great built up with some nice white parts on. I liked it when they had the Roubaix version built up for Cancellara in Paris Roubaix last year. It is all in the ride, and the ride on these is pretty amazing.

  2. i wonder if it’s possible to arrange a test ride. hmmm…

  3. Maximus: Are you suggesting that is the same frame? If you are, I’m confident you’re incorrect. A telltale sign is the seatstays/seat tube joint. Very different. Also, the Project Black frame is raw carbon with a clear coat and not a nice uniform carbon weave as seen in the Australian Ebay frame you posted. What’s similar is the BB…that’s about it.


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