The Lezyne CRV12 Multi-Tool

Loving this multi-tool from Lezyne, it has everything you will need out on the road all weighing in at around 100g. It contains a Phillips screwdriver, T25 wrench, 2/3/4/5/6/8/mm Allen wrenches, a chain breaker, a Mavic splined spoke wrench, and two square-size spoke wrenches. The tool is beautifully finished and just feels like something you are going to have for life. Made by the same people that are behind the Truvativ brand, pretty much all the products I saw on their stand at Interbike bring the same style and quality. You can pick one up at Performance Bikes for $29.99.

Categories: Design / Kit

  1. Just don’t get it wet!
    The chrome vanadium (CV) bits seem to rust.

    You have to watch out – some Lezyne models have CV, some have Stainless steel. Now you know why the former models are cheaper!

    I bought the V5 (same construction as your CRV12)
    alternate models include the SV5 and the Carbon 5.

    I had it in my seatbag during a heavy rain and when I took it out, rust blotches were on the bits. Was not impressed. Otherwise it is terrific.


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