From The Saddle: Cornwall Ride

My first ride out of our new place upstate in West Cornwall, Litchfield county. Just over 2 hours in 30 degrees, not exactly the weather you would want for an inaugural ride, but beautiful all the same. The roads around here are perfect for riding, with ample hills to get over. I reckon this bodes well for the Rapha Festive 500. Lets see if we can squeeze that in alongside a healthy does of DIY.

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  1. Wait…is this in CT? I’ll be in that area for a week after Christmas, I’m thinking a ride is in order.

  2. Hey Ashley – it is CT, close to Kent. It looks like I am going to be there as a trip back to Ireland has been scuppered by the Arctic weather there

  3. Top notch area to ride…SO many roads to explore! Good luck with 500K, would love to hear about the routes you’re doing as I grew up in this area and it’s one of my favorite places to ride. There’s so much potential for variation that you’ll probably never do the same ride twice. Enjoy (and stay warm)!

  4. P.S. Now excited to see your photo-treatment of this area as well! Document!

  5. beautiful countryside.

    L. Dakota
  6. Looks like a great place to ride!
    (At first I thought at Cornwall, England :)


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