Dark Side Of The Lens

I will say one thing about surfers (apart from the fact I think half of them are bloody insane) they sure know how to put a film together. No it is not about bikes, but I challenge anyone to sit back and watch this and not be impressed with: 1) The skill and guts it took to do some of the rides in this film and 2) The beautiful way they are captured. I want these guys to make a film about riding.

Categories: The Other Stuff

  1. Wow, absolutely stunning! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great find, and I agree, cycling would be a perfect subject matter for treatment like this! Also does a nice job of putting life into perspective;
    had to ask myself, Am I doing what I want right now? :-)

    For a surfing short on the flip side of this coin, you might find Ian Mourier’s Press Pause worth checking out. I love it:


  3. The Press Pause piece is gorgeous. I love that contact sheet effect when they flip to the color shots. Thx for the heads-up


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