“BiciBands” by Molletta Design

With a fixed gear bike being so stripped down and functional it is hard sometimes to see where you can get a little bit of personality on your ride. Molletta Design from Las Vegas (yes they ride down there even after Interbike has gone) offer you two handcrafted and beautiful options. One is a little more practical, and the other is designed to get a smile down the coffee shop, or from the girl that pulls up next to you at the lights. The “BiciBand” (above) comes in a choice of 14 colors, yes that is 14, with enough choice to match the most fickle of color schemes (the pink being our favorite). As Ignazio of Molletta says, “They are designed to keep you and your bike close together, just like peas and carrots”. They are so confident in what they have made they are offering a 365-day return policy. The second character-building accessory for your ride is the “BikeStache” below. What is there to say…they have the ability to render the most serious looking rider helpless.

Categories: Design / Kit

  1. could you post a link for these bands, I can’t find them with a basic search.

  2. Sorry guys here is the link


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