Custom Paint From Franco Bikes

We have posted on Franco Bike from California before, about their direct to consumer model and the beautiful Balcom frame. I just got a heads-up from Julian today about a nice paint option they are doing. From today through 4pm PST on Friday, they are offering a frame or complete build with free a custom paint job at their regular price. A custom painted Balcom frame will go for $1799. They are offering eight different color combinations of pink, yellow, blue and silver on either a black or white base frame color. I would have to go with the white frame and pink accent (above), that could be our team bike. If you are in the market for a new Spring ride, definitely worth a look. Check out the Balcom here.

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  1. That looks like *the* pefect colour scheme for you!

    I’ve never heard of them before – going to have a read now.



    Jon Moss
  2. That’s serious. I will take both the kit and bike!

    James C.
  3. Very nice bike. Stylish!


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