The “Unbreakable” Broken

4 mins 10.534 seconds. Doesn’t sound like a long time to bury yourself for? Give it a go some time and try and sit at that cadence and power. Maybe the magnitude of the record could be better realized in the fact that it took 15 years to move it by 0.58 seconds, and for the first time take it under the mythical “4.11″ mark. Such an achievement that when Bobridge came of the final bend and saw the clock he thought it had stopped on the wrong lap. Talking about being in the zone. Jack Bobridge is an amazingly talented rider (Ed: State the obvious), one I can’t wait to watch on the roads of Europe this summer. That is a lot of speed to take into a prologue. What is disappointing is that we won’t have the spectacle of him going head-to-head with Wiggo in a Pursuit final at the London Olympics. Man that is like a world cup final, I would stay up to watch that one. What fan wouldn’t? Yet another example of the UCI being out of touch with the core of what makes this sport great. That being said this is an incredible achievement, and a sign that the next wave of great riders is looking like they are going to be draped in green and gold and come from down under.

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  1. Totally agree. The Australian track program does an amazing job. So much amazing talent coming up. The next decade of competitive cycling will be exciting. (Already is!)


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