Suka Sport / London

I found this store in London last week at 47 Beak street in Soho, turns out they had only been open for 2.5 hours. They describe themselves as “stocking only the most advanced gentlemen’s sporting brands”. Their space is beautiful, and may have the biggest changing rooms I have ever set foot in, handy when you are trying to peel yourself in and out of a wetsuit (no worries, I wasn’t). They stock high quality brands for everything from running to yoga, and riding to Tri. What caught my eye was a beautiful white Canyon Ultimate CF SLX parked in the middle of the floor. If you are going to have a bike for display, that is not a bad place to start. I wish them all the best, it is a hard time to be starting a business, I hope they do well

Site: Suka Sports

Categories: Design / Kit

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