Trakke Messanger Bags / Glasgow

Hand made and straight out of Glasgow, a company that seems to have been born out of a necessity. There are a tonne of bag makers out there and no shortage to choose from, but it was the attitude behind Trakke and the great color choices in the products that I like most. They started making bags for themselves when the price point of what was out there was just too expensive. This quickly evolved into making bags for friends and eventually ending up on a stall at the Glasgow market. Trakke bags as a company was born. The bags are handmade in the Glasgow with a lot of care, but what I loved most about them was that while the basic bag shape stays the same, each batch changes and takes in feedback from their buyers. Always in beta is a philosophy we try to believe in as well. The funniest part of the brand is the need to make a brightly colored product, not necessarily for visibility (although it helps) but “because Glasgow is a grey enough place as it is” (Ed: Coming from Northern Ireland I understand this well). True to their roots they have tried to keep the bags as affordable as possible. Free courier delivery in Glasgow, free delivery in the UK, and as low as possible post internationally. The bags start at £50 and go up to £90. Well worth a look.

Find them here:

Categories: Design / Kit

  1. Nice bags. I will have to consider them if mine ever wears out… but that might be a few years from now.

    I have a Baileyworks bag. It actually reminds me of these bags… very functional, but with a touch of flare. Locally made in an area that has high demands with regards to weather… in the case of Baileyworks, in New Hampshire.

    Thanks for the tip.


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