From The Saddle: Sharon Loop

1: West Cornwall / Lon 41.8721, Lat -73.3633
2: Sharon Road / Lon 41.9276, Lat -73.4439
3: Dug Street / Lon 41.9134, Lat -73.4461
4: Lime Rock Road / Lon 41.9324, Lat -73.4238

Categories: Routes

  1. stunning…… days like these makes me want to live back on the east coast

    L. Dakota
  2. Raised in for 23 years Sharon, CT … riding doesn’t get much better. Come back soon.

  3. We may bump into each other. We just bought a place up the hill towards Mohawk. Can’t see myself getting bored with the roads around there :)

  4. Hey Lindsey! What’s going on with you? How are things?

  5. I’ll be home training 5/8 through 5/13 … wanna ride? I’ll show you around.

  6. Beautiful pics. What did you shoot with?

  7. Shot from an iphone through the Hipstomatic App, and a little love in Photoshop after.


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