The New Moultons

The folding bike scene is a special subculture in the cycling world. The folding bike rider, a very unique individual. Part urban warrior, part enthusiast, and very practical, but often over looked as a serious rider. Despite their obvious practicality, folding bikes have never really been adopted in the way they should as the perfect urban bike. At least here in New York it is not too common to see, and even on a recent trip to London Hybrids still got the nod. British brand Moulton has been part of that scene from the beginning. Alex Moulton famed for his work on the original Mini brought his engineering expertise to his first “Bike of the Future” nearly 50 years ago. Now Moulton have a new set of bikes for the future, with a re-imagined folding series that include The Double Pylon and The Speed.

This could be a whole new chapter in this genre of riding. The difference, this folder has a full size frame that sets a new standard for the engineering of the folding mechanism. A lot of riders I know are put off by what most folding bikes have to offer, the small wheels and frame make them look a little fragile next to a “Serious Ride”. This bike should get most riders past that. First check out the spec, Campy Record and Dura Ace, Conti Tires, and a Fizik saddle, not a spec often seen on a ride like this. Next the frame, with a design that looks more like a beautiful suspension bridge (not sure I would have named it after a Pylon – not usually a thing associated with beauty) than your standard folding frame, and a finish that resembles a Moots, this will turn a few heads. But maybe one of the nicest features of all is the full suspension system on the The Double Pylon (Top), with a very unique integration into the fork that I can only imagine would help the bike glide over the streets of New York. Now if you were to make this into a “Fixie” you might even survive the streets of Red Hook and the Red Hook Crit.

Moulton Bikes

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  1. AND it might even fit into your apartment when you’ve already got 4 1/2 other bikes in it… ;)


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