Cav, Eisel, Goss & Renshaw

Somehow I managed to win the Gage+DeSoto Fantasy Giro league, even without having Berty Contador on my team. There is justice in that somewhere. Mike and Brett were kind enough to offer me a choice of one of their new Team t-shirts as a prize. Given the selection I chose the HTC team as my band of brothers for the summer. Yellow for the Tour, HTC because Specialized are a client (and Sean would ban me from Morgan Hill if I showed up wearing Leopard), and Cav because I was lucky enough to have dinner with him and compare Bell and Ross watches (his was cooler, limited and way more expensive). He is a funny guy. Go get your team on for the summer. Although I wouldn’t mind a British one for Sky with Wiggo, Geraint, Jez & Stevo.

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