Elcyclista Store Front Up And Running

We are trying out Shopify as our online store to make ordering Elcyclista kit and other things we plan on selling in the future easier. It is a nice setup and pretty easy to use. For now we are allowing all inventory to be bought (even though a few sizes and pieces are out of stock, as some people have requested a pre-order to ensure getting them when they come in). For now we are out of arm warmers and we don’t have the jersey in Small and XL. All other pieces are in stock for now. We currently have an order in with Capo so if you really want to guarantee getting the kit it is worth buying now and I will hold it once it comes in. Let us know if you have any questions. Here is the link, check it out and buy something.  http://elcyclista.myshopify.com/

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  1. I am interested in purchasing the Ecyclista kit. Do you have a women’s kit? If not how can I figure out what size would be best for me? Also what is the return policy if the kit does not work?

    Thanks so much,


    Michelle Foreman
  2. Hey Michelle – Unfortunately we didn’t get enough interest to do a womens specific kit – but we have a had quite a few women order kit and find that it fitted really well. The kit is a European race cut so it fits pretty snug. I am around 150lbs and about 5’8″, and I take a medium in bibs and jersey. A mens medium chest is a 38, a small is a 36, a large is a 40. The waist on a medium bib is 32, a small is a 30, a large is a 34. I am happy to send them out and if it doesn’t work I can cover postage back.


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