Feed My Ride Musettes

A great collaboration project by Progress Packaging called “Feed My Ride“. They managed to pull together 15 very talented UK studios to create a series of limited edition musettes. Progress Packaging who produced the musettes have worked for some of the worlds leading brands. The musettes are screen printed in dark grey on 12 oz custom dyed canvas, with a woven PP handle and a two color molded silicone label. Each design is produced in a limited edition of 100. Also a nice touch, giving part of the proceeds (£17) to the Wouter Weylandt family.

Get them while you can progresspackaging.co.uk/feedmyride/

Categories: Design

  1. Hi Guys
    Just a small note, Moving Brands were one of our 15 lovely contributors but the show was run and brought about by us!
    If you would like to see more images let us know

  2. Should have known! Great work guys – I will make an ammendment


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