Ready For The Alps

Even if I am not, the bike is. This is what I will be tackling the Marmotte with. A few upgrades. A great set of Wheels from Williams Racing, 22mm carbon clinchers coming in at a fighting weight of 1200g. Dressed in Hutchinson Tubless tires gives them a very light tubular like feel. Some new TRP brakes and Rotor compact rings. If this all doesn’t help nothing will.

Categories: Rides

  1. Very nice. Haven’t come across those wheels before. Sounds like a good time.

  2. I’ve got a pair of 22mm Williams Carbon clinchers as well – they are fantastic. And then, when they only cost $999US, unbelievable!

  3. so La Marmotte, cool! have fun.

  4. I didnt think Williams made tubeless rims. What tubeless conversion kit are you using?
    Thats a very nice looking bike – enjoy the alps!

  5. Any pics of that back wheel?


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