The NICA East Coast Tour

For all you shaven legged riders spare a moment for our hairy legged brothers, and this great program they are running at NICA. It is a great organization focused on getting riding introduced into high schools. Their mission is to bring the sport of mountain biking to high schools coast-to-coast by 2020. One of the ways they are doing this is the NICA East Coast Outreach Tour. Matt Fritzinger, NICA’s Founder and Executive Director, will be joined by Development Director, Ben Capron, for a 6-day whirlwind tour of the East Coast. To find out where they are going to be and what hey are doing check out there site. If we get them riding at High school we can always convince them to get on skinny tires and shave later.

Note: For those that have been asking the posts from my recent trip to Europe are in the cooker. Posting this weekend, along with a great photo essay from the recent TOC.

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