From The Saddle: This Green And Pleasant Land

In between the frequent monsoons and the hurricane (well tropical storm) the riding upstate has been stunning. I am discovering new roads on every ride all furnished with some very nice hills. It is also the season of Tag sales, which can make for interesting viewing. Unfortunately no chance of getting any of it home on my bike and by the time I have gone back in the car all the good stuff has gone.

Categories: The Other Stuff

  1. Nice.. I always want to stop to take pics, but I get carried away with the ride and my average speed that I can’t make it happen!

  2. I gave up on that average speed and power thing a while back. Ride time, distance and quality, now those are some metrics that let you stop and get a picture now and again. Also for every time you stop you have to add on 3 miles.

  3. Gas station at the corner of rt.7?? Great place to refuel and so many good options to continue. Did you head up music mountain?

  4. Hey Charlie – I just discovered the joys of Music Mountain. Wish I had found it before I went to France. It is a great little climb.


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