From The Saddle: Cream Hill Road

Every time I roll out I try and take this same section of road, as it is a great spot to watch the seasons shift. You come around a downhill corner pretty fast from under a canopy of trees to hit the bottom of the Creme Hill rise. This weekend it stopped me in tracks. It was deadly quiet, fall color were just starting to burn in, and a shaft of sun was highlighting the trees in the valley. Not bad right out of your doorstep.

Categories: The Other Stuff

  1. Oh, I just realized–is this the stretch right after the church? If so it’s the Rattlesnake Preserve–and a photo like this really showcases why it’s protected land. (Also, spelling is Cream Hill Rd. Sorry, I’m constitutionally required to correct your spelling. Although I do like “Creme,” makes it Frencher…:)


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