Bring Back The Bobble Hat

This is one of my favorite images of Coppi, playing around and keeping warm before a track race. What I always loved about the shot was his hat, and the shear ridiculous size of the bobble. That mixed with that knit jersey he really should look ridiculous, but somehow he doesn’t. Recently I found the work of Annie Larson at All For Everyone (The hat at the top). She has an amazing eye for color and design and makes great one-off pieces. Now of coarse wearing these hats on winter rides back then was a lot easier, in the time before helmets, but with Annie’s hats and this picture in my pocket there is definitely a chance of carrying off a bobble. Maybe even for a bit of spectator fashion? Man I would love to do an Elcyclista hat with Annie.

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  1. I still wear a Peruvian alpaca hat with the pom poms on the ear flaps and top during my slow winter rides. Foregoing a helmet always causes the lady to become frustrated, but slow adventurecross rides don’t always need them….

    WV Cycling

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