PAVE / Barcelona

Next time I am lucky enough to make a trip to Barcelona I know where I will be spending some time, and probably a lot of Euro’s. PAVE looks like a great bike retail experience, that falls into the category of  “Shrine To Cycling”. With more square footage than they know what to do with, they have introduced some really nice display touches that pay homage to cycling culture. The back lights on the bikes and gallery presentation, the cobble stones cut into the floor, and the wheel art display in the entrance area, all make for what looks like a really unique space. It looks like they are selling pretty much the expected global taste brands, so it is hard to tell if they are carrying any local or Spanish brands beyond Orbea (Their shop site isn’t up yet). Also check out their blog, it looks like these guys know how to ride (nice cornering style on the mountain descent) and they have an eye for a photograph. Great brand, can’t wait to visit.

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