Kit Spotting

Nice to see our kit get some air-time post SXSW in Austin. Proud to have it out on the Sunday morning shop ride from Mellow Johnny’s, taken out by the “tallest cyclist outside of Holland” – Super Dom Russell. Check out the height of that head tube on his Land Shark. Did I mention that he is tall? Also nice to run in to Don Vanderslice when I was down there, another follower of the blog and kit owner. Sorry we didn’t get to ride together, next time. Some great roads down there. No doubt we will be back.


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  1. There was one in the central park spring series last weekend .. sixcycle/rk&o pics on facebook documented.

  2. Um, where can a female rider get a hold of one of these kits?
    I’m also in love with the Bernard Rides Again kit but it’s all sold out :(

  3. Hey – here is a link to the where you can get the kit
    Let us know if you need any help


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