I Have A New Condor On The Way

I have been reading and tracking the Condor Super Acciaio frame for a while now, and hearing nothing but good things about it. So in the middle of a life simplification dilema and attempt to get my choice of rides down to two (Editor:¬†we will see how long that lasts) one carbon and one steel, the Super Acciaio feels like the perfect choice for the steel ride. It is the perfect blend of timeless material, coupled with all Condor has learned about bike design and building frames over the years. Plus it just looks fast built up. I used to live around the corner from the shop in London and have been a fan of the brand for a long time, but never owned one (my father did though) – so I figured it was time. And with the wonders of modern¬†communication, email, I worked with the very helpful Claire Beaumont the Condor brand manager to get the order rolling. I had a few chicken scratches down on paper for a very simple and hopefully timeless Elcyclista paint job that Claire passed on to the Condor designer Ben who created the above, which I love. They said it might be the first Acciaio in white, which I will be very proud to own. More to come….

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  1. Pulled the trigger!!

  2. (Which I knew you were going to do…:)

  3. hot damn!! can’t wait to see this!

  4. Looks really nice Conor.

    L. Dakota
  5. Beautiful paint job, and congrats on pulling the trigger… I’ve heard nothing but good things about this frame, and think it looks sweet.., what componentry/wheels, etc. are you going to run with it?

  6. Well that is the endless debate. Enve Comp deep wheels. Probably an Enve cockpit or a Ritchey white cockpit. Dura Ace gruppo. Zero Gravity Brakes. Anatres Saddle. Thompson seat post. That has been the standard build and seems to work for me. So will probably stick with that.

  7. The Landshark will be jealous. However, I don’t see couplers!
    If it’s a custom sized frame, you might want to confirm that you can run 25cc tires under the fork and brake bridge with sufficient clearance…

    Boss of the Bosberg
  8. Can they eliminate the ‘d’ so it reads Con_or?

    Boss of the Bosberg
  9. Collected my Super Acciaio from the shop last Thursday. Campag Super Record & Record groupset and Mavis Kysrium SLR hoops. I’d send a photo if I could work out how to attach one but believe me, this is a beautiful beautiful bike – understated yet very capable and with that steel feel that IMHO you can’t beat. The one off white version looks fantastic – post a photo when you get it won’t you?

    Chris C
  10. Hey Chris – would love to see the bike and get it posted. Send it through to eurobiker@gmail.com.

  11. Love the paint job! Very slick looking bike, too.

    John Flynn
  12. cool! enjoy

  13. Hi there can you post a pic and maybe a progress report. I am not being anul its just I am looking at getting one and want some feedback.. thanks

  14. Hey Paul – should have some pictures by the end of this week. Just waiting on a few last parts. It looks fantastic even just with the skeleton build right now. Can’t wait to ride it


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