The Exceller Bike Shop / Bruges / Belgium

In a city where the primary mode of transport seemed to be by bike, it takes a little effort to stand out from the crowd. In Bruges pretty much everyone was riding the typical dutch commuter, or sometimes a modern hybrid. But every so often we would spot someone on a classic Moulton folder, or a beautiful Pashley Guv’nor and wonder where they were picking them up. On one of our days off from the classics wondering around the streets I think we found the place, the wonderful bike shop Exceller. Over a cup of coffee with owner Christian he talked about how a love of design and all things well made became his way of defining what products he would sell through the shop.

He carries everything from beautifully built bikes (Pashley, schindelhauer, Cooper and Creme to name a few) to accessories, tools and the clothes you would expect to find in a quality boutique shop. But by coffee number two the good stuff started to unearth. Custom built lugged steel stems built by the same frame builder that built the original Merckx frames as executive paper weights. Handmade bells and pedals by Søren Søgreni. Custom saddles by Gilles Berthoud. But maybe my favorite of all was a box of Tressoplast cloth tape that I hadn’t seen in years. If ever you are passing through Bruges this shop is well worth a visit, especially if it is during the Tour when the stage starts in the main Square, Christian informs us there will be live coverage, sausages and beer served in the shop.

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  1. i think your the man who helped me the other day when i was riding from france to amsterdam im sure that is was you im just saying thanks so much it really got me out of bother i do wish you a very great xmas and i hope good luck calls you with a winning lottery ticket as your a great character and one ill tell the cycle club they should go and meet thanks again chris wilcox

  2. My wife and I visited your shop in July. We bought a few bike parts and chatted for a while about the fantastic shop you have. I really wanted on of your Flanders jerseys, they were the old wool style but you had none left. Can I put my name on a list for one of the 2014 jerseys when they arrive?


  3. We came to Bruges on the 1st November and unfortunately you were closed, however my partner (the cyclist) saw a top with Bruges wrote to the front. Please can you advise if you would post to uk. Many thanks treena

    treena peltell
  4. Hey Treena – I was just visiting the shop as well.
    The guys in the shop were very helpful and I am sure if you contacted
    them directly they would be more than happy to help


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