Super Tresse 2000

They don’t do packaging like they used to. Some cloth bar tape that I found in Belgium (at the Exceller Bike Shop). The packaging also points to two very European branding trends. The first is adding in this case the word “Super” before a product to give you the impression that it is the best. The second is adding numbers after a name or brand to give you the impression it is new and innovative. Which of course is time locked, and gets dated very quickly. If they had really wanted to make the Tressoplast┬átape VERY modern, they should really have called it “Super Tresse 2000“.


Categories: Classic / Design / The Other Stuff

  1. The Tressostar and Tressoplast on these pics are the real vintage new old stock handlebar tape from the 50′.
    Filip Belgium.

  2. You are absolutely right Filip – I picked these up on a trip to Belgium last year at a shop in Brugges. The owner had managed to get a full box of each. They are waiting for a special project.


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